Belkys Melendez

Specialist in microblading, shading, micropigmentation and eyeliner.

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Microblading & Shading

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and give your face personality. Design eyebrows that best suit your face.

Lip micropigmentation

Would you like to show off perfect lips? With micropigmentation it is possible, cheer up and contact me.

Eyebrow & eye micropigmentation

Perfection if possible. With eyes and eyebrows Micropigmentation, you save time and money.


Wear eyelashes that reflect that beautiful and shiny look that you must have.

About Belkys Melendez

I’m Belkys MelĂ©ndez, Micropigmentation and Microblading specialist, I’m passionate and dreamy. I like to help people who come to me for my services, there is nothing else that makes me happier. I will help you achieve your dreams of having a beautiful face with a look that leaves everyone impressed. Join me and I’ll show you.

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Benefits of Micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is not a substitute for traditional makeup. We can always put on makeup, but it is true that micropigmentation saves time spent on makeup

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Essential for people with allergies to makeup, the blind, and especially in post-surgical patients (scars, creation of areolas, etc).

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Self esteem

Micropigmentation is a technique that enhances people's self-esteem, not only aesthetically, but also when it comes to repairing surgical sequelae.

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Pmu Ojos

Through the micropigmentation technique, the lack of eyelashes can also be solved, which causes lack of expression in the look.

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Your face can give a very positive change with an eyebrow design that fits you.

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